The Industry is located in the heart of the Napa Valley and will ensure the best possible haircut for you! We offer a variety of the best services from detailed haircuts to straight razor shaves. Book an appointment today with the Industry at Schedulicity!

About Us

We're excited to have you in our barber shop. Why don't you take a minute to get to know our story, and what inspired Thomas Travers to be the best barber in Napa Valley.


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  • "Industry Barber Shop is all about putting out a quality haircut. Number one. First and foremost. Second, we create an environment that is comfortable for everybody. And just being a family, man-cave type of environment. We're here to take care of anyone, from young teenager, to grandfather, to fathers. So it's a great father and son barber shop to come to, where you can feel comfortable, and not feel out of place. I want this barber shop to be a sanctuary for everyone who keeps Napa Valley up and running - from the wine industry, to restaurant workers, everyone. This is their home."
    - Thomas Travers, Owner



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